It’s Not About BPM vs. ACM, It’s About A Spectrum Of Process Functionality

From a white paper that I’m working on now:

Structured to dynamic process spectrum

I think that the whole “BPM versus ACM” debate has completely blown out of all sensible proportion, when we’re really talking about a spectrum of functionality that ranges from structured process management (or what some people think of as BPM) to completely dynamic process management.

The key, to me, is that it’s not an either-or situation: almost every business process that I’ve ever seen lies somewhere in the middle, with both structured and dynamic aspects: in some cases, different workers may perform either highly structured or highly dynamic functions, depending on their role. We need both end of the spectrum – and everything in between – to manage our processes, and we need them to work together in a cohesive environment.

I’ll publish the link to the white paper, which explains this concept in a lot more detail, when it’s complete.

57 thoughts on “It’s Not About BPM vs. ACM, It’s About A Spectrum Of Process Functionality

  1. Hi Sandy
    I wanted to get a copy of the white paper and the software AG website does not complete the process of registration. Plus it seems to be in Deutsche / German. Do you have another link?
    I would also like to chime in that the spectrum of structured and unstructured is exactly what we see in our community. Further, I believe, (dare I say) the execution semantics of BPMN 2.0 are rich to support some of this spectrum; if only folks take the time to read thru the chapter.

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